Matterport 3D Imaging

The Drying Team offers professional 3D imaging of losses using Matterport. Matterport 3D imaging offers comprehensive loss documentation that can be easily shared with adjusters, estimators, and partners on your project, ensuring fair and accurate compensation for the loss. It is compatible with Xactimate, and provides detailed measurements as well as visual documentation of the entire loss.

Matterport’s advanced technology captures in minute detail each room it scans, producing an interactive, virtual 3D replica of the room and all its contents. This level of documentation can be achieved quickly, expediting documentation and streamlining the claims process. The loss is captured fully – no need to measure, sketch, or take hundreds of photos for documentation.

Matterport offers:

  • Fast and comprehensive loss documentation
  • Automatic floor plan creation that can be used in Xactimate
  • Data can easily be shared with adjusters, estimators, and partners

Sample Restoration Model

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