Mold Remediation

Did you know mold can start its growth cycle in as little as 24 hours? After water damage, mold growth is a considerable risk and is something that can cause additional damage to a property. With large losses, mold is often a concern as there is simply too much moisture to effectively mitigate the development of mold.

The Drying Team is quallified and experienced to remediate mold growth in any size loss. We have the knowledge and training necessary to ensure the mold is treated and removed safely and without the risk of spreading to other areas of the property. Contact us today for all your commercial and large loss mold remediation needs.


Rely On the Experts for Mold Remediation

The awareness of potential harmful health effects associated with many molds is growing. Additionally, mold can eventually damage the materials it gnaws on causing damage to a building and / or its contents. Where there is mold, there is moisture. We will act quickly to identify and correct the source and remediate the structure and contents.

When it comes to commercial losses, mold growth can cause significant delays to your project and cause the building’s occupants to be displaced for longer than expected. Let The Drying Team manage the mold remediation from start to finish, ensuring you have the best team and equipment on-site to complete the job as soon as possible. Contact us today!

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