Odor & Humidity Control

Effectively managing humidity levels after a water loss is critical and necessary for damage mitigation. The inability to manage humidity levels can result in mold, fungi, and mildew growth and secondary damage to the structure due to humidity absorption. The Drying Team offers commercial-grade dehumidification equipment suitable for all sizes of commercial losses. 

Dessicant Dehumidifers

Dessicant dehumidifiers are primarily used in industrial buildings with large, open spaces. Dessicant dehumidifers do not collect water and can be used in all temperatures and environments. 

LGR Dehumidifiers

LGR stands for low-grain refrigerant. This type of dehumidifer is small and portable, allowing it to be used in many different applications. LGR dehumidifers are placed inside a room and extracts and collects moisture from the air.

Odor Control

Special consideration must be given to odor control, especially when dealing with commercial losses. At The Drying Team, we employ many odor control methods for a variety of odors that may be present after a commercial fire or water damage loss. Contact us today to learn more.

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